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This is a great website. It gives you an overview on how to beat melanoma in its earlier stages through Stage 4, which can be a bit more challenging as you all know. This website reviews medicine, herbs, diet, body, mind and spirit. A Great tool!


Here's some good advice for those "joining the team".

“You have cancer.” Hearing these words from a doctor can be devastating, but many of us who receive a cancer diagnosis come to learn that there are effective treatment options. There are also many ways to manage side effects and cope with the concerns raised cancer. CancerCare helps individuals at any stage of cancer, and many of our clients tell us that we were instrumental in helping them figure out the first steps in their journey, when they were least focused and most overwhelmed.

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1 in 5 will get Melanoma Cancer, and 1 person every hour dies of it, and we cannot stop TANNING!

Great informational video!

There is a skin cancer and cosmotology clinic in our area that uses a new ground-breaking tool, Melafind, to save lives of skin cancer patients.

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Follow this checklist for finding out whether a mole is more likely to be normal or a melanoma:sn22 melanomaintro

Asymmetrical - the mole is not symmetrical, one half is different in shape from the other.

Border - the border is ragged or notched. Most normal moles have regular borders

Colors - while most normal moles have just one color, melanomas often have two or more.

Diameter - the diameter of a melanoma is greater than most moles (1/4 inch or 6mm)

Elevation - when touched the melanoma will feel slightly raised above the skin





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