No matter what you’re fighting -- Cancer is a game changer.Cherylupdate
You will never leave the same way you arrived. I'm building this Melanoma Survivor's Manual from the perspective of a melanoma survivor. I hope you will join me to build a resource center for melanoma warriors and their caregivers to connect and stay at least one step ahead in the toughest marathon you've ever run.


Melanoma came into my life on September 7th, 2009, the day after my 45th birthday.

My body had started to short-circuit - I felt this strange numbness all over. A bunch of tests later doctors concluded my numbness was likely caused by the onset of multiple sclerosis ("MS"). How could this be happening to me? I’m an active, healthy and never sick chick. I didn’t even have a regular doctor! Now I needed a neurologist. Fast forward 77 days On November 23, 2009.

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastasis Melanoma Cancer. My doctors could never determined where my “primary” was located (where the cancer started), though they did know it did not appear as a typical skin irritation or mole. In fact, my doctors believed the primary was likely in my lung. My diagnosis did not come easily or quickly. At that point Melanoma protocols had been stalled for nearly 15 years, with no progress towards extending life expectancy for Stage 4 metastatic melanoma patients.

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