The recently approved BRAF & MEK combo is changing the landscape for melanoma patients. It's been a rocky road at best for these amazing doctors who are working overtime to figure It all out,

Lucky for me I am along for the ride!tv9

My news interview yesterday -- WUSA Channel 9 - the CBS affiliate here in Washington DC.  It's kind of funny - they tape you for an hour, use a minute of all of that tape, then they communicate some of the facts wrong (it was 6 months not weeks, uggggg). This segment did what it was supposed to do, though - inform folks about a new melanoma treatment.

Yeah - I did my job.

Lab rat mission accomplished!

Now I will be moving onto this new combo treatment (if my insurance company will approves it, that is! - I've been working on that "project" for four weeks now!).  Fingers crossed that this combo kills this bastard melanoma who has been living of me these past 4 Years.

Love you all - thanks for your support

We started planning the Second Annual "Miles for Melanoma" run/walk. This year It will be held April 26th in Rock Creek Park - I hope to see you there to support the cause.

1 in 10 of us will be effected by skin cancer during our lifetime.  Doctors are getting closer, but we need more research dollars and more lab rats willing to take a chance on the future of science. The finish line is near!

Here is the news segment I was in about the new drug combo that was approved this week.