Last day in LA - taking a red-eye back to DC tonight. The visit with Dr. Ribas went great, and everything seems to be on track.

I spoke with Dr. Ribas about future options, should I need to consider them. First discussed adding a MEK drug to my current BRAF treatment, though he said (and correctly so) "why rock the boat", that since everything was working so well with the BRAF drug, and in his mind, the fewer drugs, the better.

Next was Anti-PD1. Now he got excited - he said that Anti-PD1 was making a huge impact, and that future results would do nothing but get better. With a positive response rate of 30% - 50% currently, that's saying a lot. Anyway, Anti-PD1 is likely what he'd suggest if something went wrong with my BRAF treatment.

Finally, I asked about TVEC. I noted that he was quoted in one of the articles praising TVEC. He said he submitted both positive comments AND negative comments about the drug, and that the journalist decided to ignore the negative comments. Hype? He didn't say that, though it appears he's not too excited about TVEC.....

That's it. Sergei and his buddy AJ had a blast with Mike and me over spring break - skiing in Arizona, hanging in Harrah's in Laughlin and playing in the sun in Malibu. But its time to go home....I miss my family. And my dog. I'm coming home, Zoe!!!!