Alternating Dosages of Vemurafenib Could Delay or Prevent Resistance, WOW!

In a new study published today in Nature, researchers using a mouse model of melanoma were able to prevent resistance to vemurafenib by altering the dosing schedule from a continuous daily dose to an intermittent dose, suggesting a possible way to prolong the onset of resistance for melanoma patients.

This is very interesting, especially to me - I've been on Vemurafenib / Zelboraf for 35 months, and to facilitate my staying on the drug, my doctor has allowed me to alter dosing. My experience? The drug keeps working.

If you are taking this drug please read this artical and ask your doctor about effective dosage level and screw the side effects at least in your first 6 months. I had every side effect listed and I truely believe it was my body batteling it out with Mr. Melanoma.

Check this out and don't forget to ask lots of questions.