A message from my wonderful husband who worked so hard to keep me around:

---- 5 years and 3 months ago we got bad news - Cheryl had Stage IV melanoma cancer. The doctor said she had 6 - 8 months left, to get her affairs in order. No quitters, she decided to roll the dice on a Stage I Clinical Trial that showed some impressive numbers. 

We flew to UCLA, the only place offering the Clinical Trial, andshe enrolled. Every month we flew to LA to continue her treatments. After 4 years she added another drug, making her regimen a cocktail, and she decided to go to LA less frequently and relying on a local specialist. 

Today is 5 years after she started that clinical trial. Cheryl had a PET Scan last week, and today we found out that it was clean. No sign of cancer. 

Not bad for someone who was told she had 6 - 8 months left to live....

Her doctors are trying to figure out how come this experimental drug worked so well for her. 

You go, Cheryl Syman Stratos! You're a rock star, and I love you! 


Love ~ Mike