First, you need to advocate for yourself - reach out to friends, family and friends of friends. YOU and your team need to determine the right path for you and your disease. There isn't a “Melanoma for Dummies” users guide available. I have learned that getting connected can save your life. I hope this site becomes a user-friendly resource that will connect melanoma patients with the latest treatment options and other patients that are either on your treatment or considering your treatment. I have learned a lot from other patients on PLX4032.

It is nice to know there are other folks out there dealing with your same side effects, decisions and resolutions. The medical community is close to finding a solution to this disease - it's just a matter of time.  The goal is to hang in there until that cure comes along. Helpful Tips: Research which hospitals are the leaders in your type of cancer, review your options and their statistics. US News and World Reports assesses hospitals every year at Clinical trials may produce better results than the current standard of care. Visit Interview your oncologist - are you are comfortable with them?  

You'll be spending a lot of time with this person, and its my position that you need someone who is positive and has a good delivery. Ask questions and keep your copies of your own records.  If you don't understand, ask / write everything down and make sure you ask for copies of all your scans (CT/PET/MRI).

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